Pre-Printed Auto Repair Feather Flag

Pre-Printed Auto Repair Feather Flag


Pre-Printed Flags to Boost Customer Traffic

  • The resilient construction of feather flags offers durability.
  • Weather-resistant flags and hardware materials support outdoor use.
  • Customizable flag layouts meet specific needs.
  • Optional hardware simplifies installation.
  • The 2-sided prints offer versatility.

Pre-Printed Flags Are Easy to Install

Enterprises such as auto shops, new car dealerships, garages, and mechanics may find it difficult to attract new clients. Signage, such as flags and yard signs, promotes your brand identity and helps draw in new customers. Our pre-printed flags for auto repair stores stand tall to make your enterprise more visible. They come in unique layouts to allow use in versatile locations.

The highly visible flags have a lightweight build to allow swift assembly and portability. They come with mounting poles and bases to facilitate easy installation.

Our advertising feather flags have pre-printed messages that save you design time. With a concise ‘Auto Repair’ message, feather flags inform potential clients about your business and increase traffic.

The pre-printed auto repair feather flags come in varying sizes to match your specific requirements. Add 2-sided printing to your order to simultaneously display two messages using a single feather flag.

Durable, Low Maintenance Outdoor Feather Flags Save Time and Costs

With tough flag fabric materials, the outdoor feather flags offer increased durability. Their long lifespans reduce the need for periodic replacement and save advertising costs. The carbon composite fiber glass hardware material can withstand the elements for outdoor installation. Their feather-like shape resists wind damage.

Our feather flags have low-maintenance requirements that save you time. Wash them in a machine in the gentle cycle with warm water. Be sure to use mild liquid laundry detergent to prolong longevity.

Save Money by Placing Large Volume Orders for Custom Feather Flags

Are you working with a tight marketing budget? Then place a large quantity order to attract a bulk order discount. The discount covers all orders of two or more pre-printed flags.

Shop pre-printed ‘Auto Repair’ feather flags for your organization online at Best of Signs. Enjoy Free Super Saver Shipping on all orders over $99.