Pre-Printed Barber Shop Feather Flag

Pre-Printed Barber Shop Feather Flag

  • Barber Shop flags with traditional barber pole design are highly visible
  • Pre-printed flags are an economical option for outdoor advertising
  • Great as roadside or sidewalk signs
  • Durable flags look great in high winds and can be used over and over

Time for a Haircut!

The traditional barber pole is one of the most recognizable symbols of commerce in the world. They look great - but can your customers see them from the street? Barber Shop flags with the barber pole design will bring you new customers. The big blue letters let everyone know you're there and open for business.

The Biggest Barber Pole Around

Our Barber Shop feather flags are 14' tall, so potential customers see them from all around. They stand up to rough weather with quality fabric and dye-sublimation printing, all secured with a 31" stake. Use them on the roadside, sidewalk, anywhere!

Give Your Customers a Haircut - Not Your Budget

Because they're pre-printed flags, they're very economical. Durability means you can use them time and again for a great return on your advertising investment. Keep those scissors snipping away with giant Barber Shop feather flags!