Pre-Printed Beauty Salon Feather Flag

Pre-Printed Beauty Salon Feather Flag


Advertise Your Beauty Saloon Using Sidewalk Flags

  • Dye-sublimation printing generates long-lasting graphics.
  • Carbon composite fiberglass supports outdoor use.
  • An online design tool customizes specific requirements.
  • The easy-to-clean material simplifies routine maintenance.

Sturdy Sidewalk Flags Offer Optimal Visibility

Beauty salons, like many other service industry players, depend on foot traffic and referrals. To generate interest in their services, it’s prudent to use high-visibility promotional materials. Our sidewalk flags get your message across directly and effectively with eye-catching layouts and graphics. They also share pertinent contact information, which directs clients to make inquiries or schedule hair appointments. 

With thick fabric material, the signs are hard wearing. Their 110GSM construction makes them tear resistant to facilitate long-term use. They also have heavy-duty composite fiberglass hardware, which is enduring, eliminating the need for replacements. The dye-sublimation printing produces fade-free graphics that last.

The printed feather flags feature bold messages that are legible from a distance. Their high-resolution design generates sharp texts and graphics that easily attract attention. State-of-the-art printing makes the design visible from either side for optimal engagement. This process has color precision and saturation for vibrant and uniform graphics.

Use the online design tool to customize the promotional feather flags to match specific requirements. Our upload artwork option provides us your authentic design to ensure that the signage signals your brand identity. Since they also have pre-printed messages, the flags ease ordering.

Easy-to-Use Advertising Feather Flags Simplify Maintenance

We offer a black pole pocket on the display fabric for a fast and straightforward setup. The advertising feather flags come with either cross or spike bases for firm ground installation.

The advertising feather flags have easy-to-clean fabrics for convenient maintenance. Their rigid knitting withstands ordinary cleaning agents such as soap solutions to allow reuse.

Make Bulk Purchases of Sidewalk Flags and Enjoy Cost Savings

Purchase our flags in high volumes for discounts that help you save on costs. We extend these offers to orders ranging from 2 to 500 flags to accommodate various business scales.

Shop pre-printed beauty salon feather flags for your organization at Best of Signs, plus take advantage of free super saver shipping on all orders over $99.