Pre-Printed Beauty Salon Feather Flag

Pre-Printed Beauty Salon Feather Flag

  • Beauty Salon flags are bright pink with white letters for high visibility
  • Pre-printed flags give you great return on your investment
  • Great on the roadside or the sidewalk
  • Use these durable feather flags over and over and they keep looking good

A "Beauty"ful Flag for Your Business

Your customers love your Beauty Salon - but do new customers know where to find you? These bright pink feather flags with white letters are designed to bring new customers to your door. Make yourself visible - your best new customer may be driving by right now!

You Can't Miss This Flag

Beauty Salon feather flags are 14' tall, so maximum exposure is no problem. Quality fabric and dye-sublimation printing help them stand up to rough weather, and a 31" stake keeps them secure. Great for roadsides or sidewalks.

Give Your Customers a Trim - Not Your Budget

Pre-printed flags are a great economical option for a small business. You can use them over and over for a great return on your advertising investment. Keep the shampoo flowing and the hair dryers buzzing with giant Beauty Salon feather flags!