Pre-Printed Certified Pre-Owned Feather Flag

Pre-Printed Certified Pre-Owned Feather Flag

  • CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED feather flags promise value in huge block letters
  • Our high-impact pre-printed flags are economical and effective
  • Perfect for new car dealerships, used car dealerships, boat dealerships, finance companies, more
  • CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED flags are made to stand up to the elements outdoors in your lot

Not Just a "Used Car"

You sell more than a used vehicle - you sell value and service. Your pre-owned vehicles are certified and guaranteed - so be sure your customers know you're selling quality! CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED feather flags throughout your lot are constant reminders of the value you bring. Your pre-owned sales are sure to get a boost with these easy-to-read, red and yellow pre-printed flags.

A BIG Reminder

Customers on your lot are sure to notice these 14' tall CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED feather flags as they check out your stock. They'll know you back up your sales with quality service. Plant them in your lot and let them fly - high-quality fabric and dye-sublimation printing keeps them looking great, and a 31" stake keeps them secure. CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED flags are great for:

  • New car dealerships
  • Used car dealerships
  • Boat dealerships
  • Finance companies
  • Or any business that offers certified pre-owned merchandise!

A Certified Advertising Value

Pre-printed CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED flags from Best of Signs will keep flying for months or even years, so they'll keep bringing value to your advertising dollar. Reach hundreds or even thousands of customers daily with CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED flags. Order CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED feather flags today - it's certifiably a good decision!