Pre-Printed Costumes Feather Flag

Pre-Printed Costumes Feather Flag


Advertise Customers With Halloween Feather Flags

  • Halloween feather flags come with flag fabric to stay durable.
  • Customize your flag size, designs, and hardware type.
  • Move, transport, and store flags freely when needed.
  • The slim design uses a small amount of space on your property.

Halloween Feather Flags Are Customizable and Low-Maintenance

If your store offers costumes for the Halloween season, the challenge is letting people know without spending a fortune on advertising. Install our Halloween feather flags inform customers where to shop for a costume before Halloween. Set a spooky mood with our thematically appropriate graphics design on the flags.

Our printed feather flags come with synthetic flag fabric and carbon composite fiberglass hardware for high durability. This makes them stand up to weather and other conditions.

The outdoor feather flags are simple to clean using a clean cloth, water, and mild detergent. Should you want to use a washing machine to clean the fabric, choose warm water and gentle settings. 

Pick from many customization options for the pole feather flags that best work for you. Customize a design online or create one with our design tool. Choose the size, backside, and a spike or cross base. You can choose the fabric or base separately if you don't need a complete flag.

Portable and Slim Printed Feather Flags

When installed, your outdoor feather flags appear tall and slim for a remarkable appearance. Even better is that the flags use very little space on your property, so you can plant them in the best location to avoid clutter.

With easy setup and dismantling, the pole feather flags are highly portable, and easy to transport and store. You can reuse them for future Halloweens, as well.

Receive Halloween Feather Flags With Discounts

Save money on pole feather flags by ordering multiple units. The price per flag will go down with more flags added to the cart. This allows you to buy the signage you need without overspending.

Shop pre-printed costumes feather flags for your events online at Best of Signs.