Pre-Printed Grand Opening Feather Flag

Pre-Printed Grand Opening Feather Flag

  • GRAND OPENING feather flags are just as grand as your big day - big and easy to read
  • Pre-printed flags are an economical option for one-time events
  • Line the street or sidewalk with these GRAND OPENING flags for maximum attention
  • Quality materials and printing mean your GRAND OPENING flags will hold up outdoors

The Big Day is Here!

You've planned for months to get everything just right. Your business looks great, and you have a great product. It's Grand Opening time! Be sure everyone knows you're open for business with these pre-printed flags from Best of Signs. Bright yellow and red colors and a festive design perfectly capture the mood of your special day.

As "Grand" as Your Business

These 14' tall GRAND OPENING feather flags lock down with a 31" spike to keep them flying even in high winds. High-quality fabric and dye-sublimation printing mean your GRAND OPENING flags will stay bright and new-looking - hold on to them for your next grand opening! These flags really make an impact from the street or the sidewalk - it's the ultimate in local advertising!

An Economical Option

Our pre-printed GRAND OPENING flags are a great economical advertising option. Because they're pre-printed, we can keep the prices low. How many customers will see these signs every day? Hundreds? Thousands? And all of them right in your neighborhood. Let customers know you're ready to go with pre-printed GRAND OPENING feather flags from Best of Signs!