Pre-Printed Happy Halloween Feather Flag - Orange

Pre-Printed Happy Halloween Feather Flag - Orange


Halloween Feather Flags Help Display Holiday Spirit

  • A spike or cross base simplifies installation.
  • Optional 2-sided printing provides versatility.
  • Weather-resistant construction allows outdoor installation.
  • A tough build ensures durability.

Halloween Feather Flags Allow Easy Installation and Offer Versatility

The holiday season offers opportunities for businesses that rely on customer traffic. Since people spend more during festivities, Halloween is a great time to launch your marketing campaign. With bright and spooky graphics, our Halloween feather flags help showcase your holiday spirit. Their outdoor installation offers maximum visibility by pedestrians or people driving by your enterprise.

The feather flags come with lightweight construction that allows easy handling. The materials allow easy portability to the next marketing event or trade show. Because they have hardware, like pole sets and bases, installing the flags is fast.

Our outdoor feather flags come with pre-printed text and graphics that facilitate a seamless ordering process. With bright orange backgrounds and scary graphics, they quickly grab attention to help increase traffic.

Feather flags come in pre-determined sizes to suit use in varying locations. Choose a spike or cross base. To simultaneously display two messages using a single sign, simply include 2-sided printing to your order.

Durable Outdoor Feather Flags With Low Maintenance Requirements

The custom feather flags come with a tough fabric material that resists wearing from daily use. Their carbon composite fiberglass hardware can tolerate exposure to the elements to enable outdoor installation.

With low maintenance requirements, the feather flags save you time. Use mild liquid laundry detergent and warm water to clean the flag fabric using a washing machine. Be sure to set your machine on the gentle cycle to prevent damage to graphics.

Bulk Orders for Pre-Printed Flags Offer Increased Savings

Do you have a limited budget for your marketing campaign? Place a large volume order today to take advantage of our bulk quantity discount. The discount covers all orders of 2 or more pre-printed flags to accommodate small enterprises and large establishments.

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