Pre-Printed No Dining Order Online Feather Flag

Pre-Printed No Dining Order Online Feather Flag


No Dining Feather Flags With Carbon Composite Fiber Glass

  • Keep customers in the know with No Dining feather flags.
  • Customize the size of the flag easily.
  • The lightweight design makes flags easy to relocate.
  • Flags require minimal maintenance.

'No Dining' Feather Flags Give Your Customers Details They Need

It's critical to keep customers informed about your local business's state to maintain client loyalty and keep a business running through hard times. While certain obstacles may limit physical location activities, there are ways to adapt and present visitors with alternate possibilities. Feather flags are a great technique of informing customers that people can still order over the phone or online until indoor accommodations are available.

The printed feather flag is visible to approaching customers because of the high-quality printing and upright feather shape. The sign's bright colors draw attention, and the upper portion of the sign is visible above neighboring foliage and other objects.

Restaurant flag comes in multiple sizes to fit your display needs, whether the signs go on the curb or closer to the road. For maximum message visibility, choose single-sided or double-sided printing. Order spike or cross bases, the hardware, and flag together or separately.

With carbon composite fiber glass gear to support the flag parts, feather flags are quick and easy to install. A pocket that fits onto the pole holds the fabric of flags taut in the wind. Cross bases sit on hard, flat surfaces and retain stability while spike bases stick into the ground.

Lightweight Restaurant Flags

Feather flags are movable and repositionable because of their lightweight construction and modular design. If a more visible display space becomes available, move the signs to it, or put them away between uses. The signs also disassemble into individual components to conserve space.

The colors and typeface are adaptable, making the signs suitable for a variety of dining places. Assembling the flags is a quick and simple operation, allowing you to put them up on display seamlessly.

Feather Flags Demand Minimal Maintenance

The flags are removable and hand-washable, extending the life of the fabric. It's also workable to machine wash with a light detergent. The ease of upkeep saves you both time and money.

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