Pre-Printed Now Hiring Feather Flag

Pre-Printed Now Hiring Feather Flag


Search for Candidates With 'Now Hiring' Feather Flags

  • 'Now Hiring' banner flags come with tough flag fabric to counter weather.
  • The fabric is easy to clean, requiring only water and a cloth.
  • Customize the flags by changing the design, size, and hardware type.
  • The flags are easy to set up, relocate, and store around the property.
  • The slender design occupies a small amount of space in your yard.

'Now Hiring' Feather Flags Are Unique and Easy to Maintain

When you're looking to hire, you want to let locals know that a job vacancy is available. Set up our 'Now Hiring' feather flags to indicate when there's an open position so that candidates can apply as soon as possible.

We make printed feather flags using synthetic flag fabric and carbon composite fiberglass hardware. Together, these materials create robust outdoor flags, so you can declare job vacancies until positions fill.

Clean the business flags easily, as it won't harm their colors. With a clean cloth, water, and mild detergent, you can remove stains and dirt from the fabric. Flags can also be put in the washing machine with warm water and gentle settings.

Customize outdoor feather flags in ways you see fit. Choose a custom design from the computer or start from scratch with our design tool. The size, back, and choice of spike or cross base are also options. If you don't need a complete flag, you can choose the fabric or base separately.

Lightweight and Compact Printed Feather Flags

With the business flags' slender shape, their impressive height makes them easy to notice for guests. When set up for display, the flags occupy very little room on your property.

Move and store the outdoor feather flags with ease. Regardless of cross or spike bases, you can easily move and place the flags in another area. Store and reuse these flags any time you're hiring.

Save on 'Now Hiring' Feather Flags With Discounts

To save money on business flags, buy in quantity. With more flags purchased, the price per flag goes down. This allows you to order many flags without going over-budget.

Shop 'Now Hiring' feather flags for your events online at Best of Signs. Enjoy Free Super Saver Shipping on all orders over $99.