Pre-Printed Now Hiring Feather Flag

Pre-Printed Now Hiring Feather Flag

  • NOW HIRING flags are highly visible and easy to read
  • Pre-printed flags in blue and yellow catch the attention of prospective employees
  • Great for new businesses, expanding businesses, or businesses with high turnover
  • Durable NOW HIRING feather flags will hold up outdoors for months or even years

Good Help is Hard to Find!

Good employees are hard to find, but these pre-printed NOW HIRING signs can help! Vivid blue and yellow colors and large block lettering make your NOW HIRING sign visible to job-seekers from the street or the sidewalk. Potential employees are looking for you - help them find you with NOW HIRING feather flags.

Great for New Businesses, Expanding Business, More

These 14' tall feather flags are hard to miss from anywhere around. Secure them with the 31" stake, and they'll keep flying - and bringing in prospects - for as long as you need them. Because we use high-quality materials and dye-sublimation printing, your pre-printed flag will be ready the next time you need a great new worker. NOW HIRING feather flags are great for:

  • New businesses
  • Expanding businesses
  • Businesses with high turnover
  • Any business that needs great workers right away!

Good for the Long-Term

Our pre-printed NOW HIRING flags last for months or even years, so your initial investment can keep bringing in workers for years to come. Great workers looking for employment are walking and driving by your business right now! Don't let another one pass you by. A pre-printed NOW HIRING feather flag from Best of Signs could be the beginning of many new business relationships.