Pre-Printed Now Open Feather Flag

Pre-Printed Now Open Feather Flag

  • Tall and high-quality flags are easy to read.
  • Carbon composite fiberglass hardware secures the flags in place.
  • Choose a base compatible with the designated surface of the display.
  • Lightweight flags offer portability and convenient storage.

Announce the Commencement of Your Services with Pre-Printed Flags

Advertising Feather Flags Offer Easy Installation 

If your local organization is launching or you are resuming the services of your establishment, you would want your target audience to know about the said advancement. With our advertising feather flags, you can inform passersby about the services at your facility. Let the flags do the talking while you focus on serving your clients.

Featuring brilliant white and navy blue prints, our feather flags strive to catch the attention of as many onlookers as possible. Ideal color saturation ensures that passersby read the flags from a distance with no difficulty. Single-sided variants have the mirrored image of the print projected on the unprinted side for 50-60% visibility. The double-sided pre-printed flags feature a liner for stability and maximum legibility.

Explore various customization options to match your requirements. Order the fabric without the pole or just the pole without the fabric. Choose from three flag pole bases; a cross base pole for flat surfaces, a spike base pole for soil and grass, and a water bag cross base for extra sturdiness. Order either single-sided or double-sided advertising feather flags.

Easy-to-install outdoor feather flags save time and energy. A spike-based flag is easy to shove into the soil for a steady display. Cross-based flags keep the banner upright, thanks to a set of durable legs. Water bags add to the stability of the cross-based flags using the buoyancy of the water.

Pre-printed Outdoor Feather Flags Offer Portability

Our portable pre-printed flags are convenient to relocate, carry, and store. You can easily transfer the flags to different venues. Assembly and disassembly are as easy as they sound, making the promotional feather flags a smart investment.

Our ready-to-use flags ensure quick installation. Erect the pole and set up the fabric banner on it. Pre-designed flags need no modification from your end, ensuring that you save your time and invest your energy into making your services viral and broadening your client base.

Promotional Feather Flags are Easy to Maintain

You may have your feather flags as good as new with a simple hand- or machine-wash. Use a mild fabric detergent to clean grime and dirt and let your customers read the messages on your flags with no difficulty.

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