Pre-Printed Open Feather Flag - Blue

Pre-Printed Open Feather Flag - Blue

  • High-visibility OPEN flags in blue are big and easy to read
  • Pre-printed flags are inexpensive and attention-getting
  • Great for newly-opened businesses, stores under remodeling, out-of-the-way locations or any business
  • Durable OPEN feather flags will hold up even in rough weather

OPEN for Business!

Potential customers pass by your business every day; let them know you're open for business with an OPEN feather flag in blue and red colors. Customers will see your simple message from all around - "We're open!" The bright blue background and eye-popping red letters will catch the eye of anyone driving or walking by your business.

Great for Construction, Remodeling, More

Pre-printed OPEN feather flags are 14' tall, so customers can't miss them from anywhere on the street. Durable fabric and dye-sublimation printing means extreme durability - plant them with the 31" stake and leave them for weeks, months, even years. OPEN feather flags in blue and red colors are great for:

  • New businesses
  • Recently re-opened businesses
  • Businesses under construction
  • Businesses under renovation
  • Businesses in out-of-the-way places
  • Any business that wants to shout out that it's open for customers!

An Investment that Keeps on Paying Off

Our pre-printed OPEN flags will keep bringing in customers for months or even years! Hundreds or even thousands of customers will see your flags - and your business - every day. Let customers know you're ready for business with pre-printed OPEN feather flags from Best of Signs!