Pre-Printed Open Feather Flag - Blue


‘Open’ Feather Flags Allow Swift Installation and Ordering

Whether you are opening a new venture or reopening after a temporary closure, it's important to inform new clients of your status. This helps spark interest in your enterprise and boosts customer traffic. Our ‘Open’ feather flags come with vibrant blue backgrounds to capture the attention of passersby with ease. Their bright red fonts stand out for maximum visibility.

The printed feather flags come in a lightweight layout for easy handling and maneuverability. Their lightweight flag fabric and carbon composite fiberglass components offer increased portability. Add pole sets and bases to your order for a firm and simple mounting.

The advertising feather flags have pre-printed messages that allow fast ordering. Their eye-popping designs make them easily noticeable.

We offer feather flags in a range sizes to meet your specific demands. Choose from various base designs, such as spike bases, cross bases, and cross bases with water bags. Opt for double-sided prints and display two distinct messages on a single flag.

Low Maintenance Printed Feather Flags Are Durable

Outdoor feather flags come with high-quality flag fabric material to ensure durability. They last long, requiring no frequent replacement, and are reusable to help save your ad spend. Weather-resistant materials support outdoor installation.

Our flags have low maintenance requirements, which saves you time. Once dirty, clean them in a washing machine using warm water and mild liquid laundry detergent. Be sure to set your machine on a gentle cycle.

Save Advertisement Costs by Buying Outdoor Feather Flags in Bulk

When working with a tight marketing budget, place a large volume order to get our bulk quantity discount. All orders ranging from 2 to over 100 flags attract a discount to suit individual buyers and companies. 

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