Pre-Printed Open Feather Flag - Red & Yellow

Pre-Printed Open Feather Flag - Red & Yellow

  • Premium-quality graphics increase the visibility of flags from a distance.
  • Choose from many options for a personalized touch to your flags.
  • The red and yellow flags are simple to assemble and install.
  • Lightweight construction improves transportation.
  • Our pre-printed flags come ready-to-use.

Announce Commencement of Your Local Business With 'Open' Feather Flags

Durable 'Open' Feather Flags Offer High Visibility and Customization

Local establishments sometimes struggle to stand out in the competitive market. One way to help is by using our 'Open' feather flags, which let potential customers know you are in business. When people see your 'We Are Open' message again and again, you attract their attention and possibly increase your business engagement. Use our pre-printed flags and communicate to the public clearly.

Our feather flags include high-quality graphics with bold colors and fonts that increase legibility from a distance. Choose double-sided flags with the same or different messaging, or single-sided flags that project a mirror image of the print on the unprinted side.

Our business feather flags are available in several sizes. Place our flags in such a way that bushes and other formations don't prevent passing traffic from seeing your flags. You can go with a spike base or a cross base based on the area around your business location.

The spiked base is simple to push into the ground, making installation quick and uncomplicated. Stick the feather flags strategically in high-traffic areas and watch your local business take over.

Easy to Transport Pre-Printed Flags Come Ready to Use

Thanks to the modular design and portable construction of our red and yellow flags, you can carry them to another location easily. Installation is simple and quick.

Our business feather flags are pre-printed with text. This eliminates the need for you to create a design. Unpack and place the flags in the designated location in your local business.

'Open' Feather Flags Are Simple to Maintain

Our pre-printed flags are extremely simple to care for. Take them from the mounting poles and throw them in a washing machine when necessary. Use any common fabric detergent to clean them on a gentle cycle.

Shop  for 'Open' feather flags for your organization online at Best of Signs.