Pre-Printed Open House Feather Flag

Pre-Printed Open House Feather Flag

  • High-quality printing improves visibility.
  • Customize the flags to meet your specifications.
  • It requires only one person to install the flags.
  • The flags are easy to reposition because of the lightweight materials.
  • You will save time and work by using a pre-printed message.

Pre-Printed Feather Flags Promote Your Local Business

Multiple Sizes of Feather Flags Give Versatility

Finding a decent house to buy or lease can be tough for potential buyers or renters. Due to insufficient marketing, clients may be ignorant of your property's presence, resulting in fewer queries. Our printed feather flags serve as a reminder to potential tenants and buyers that your property is open for inspection. To reach a larger audience, place the flags in strategic spots.

The high-quality printing on outdoor feather flags ensures that every element of the text is visible when pedestrians walk or drive past your home. A mirror image with a 50-60% visibility on double-sided flags lets clients see your message from every direction.

Choose between single-sided or double-sided printing, as well as graphics and you can purchase a pole separately. The single-sided option has a reverse picture, whilst the double-sided option has graphics printed on both sides to maximize your message's exposure. Printed feather flags come in multiple sizes to fit your needs, whether you have a small or large location. Depending on your demands, you can choose from a variety of base options, including cross base, spike base, and water base.

The feather flags are simple to install because the bases give stability. You save time and effort because one person can complete the entire assembly.

Outdoor Feather Flags are Lightweight

Because we make feather flags with light materials, you can alter the flags to maximize your message's exposure. Which also makes it simple to use and store the flags for future usage, saving money on advertising.

Feather flags come pre-printed with graphics that greet potential clients, saving you time and effort compared to designing your own. As a result, you'll be able to use the flags right away to market your home and attract tenants and buyers.

Take Care of Feather Flags Easily

Wash the printed feather flag by hand or in the machine with a little liquid detergent to keep it clean. Keep the flags up to catch the attention of renters and buyers because of the ease of upkeep.

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