Pre-Printed Parking for Takeaway Feather Flag

Pre-Printed Parking for Takeaway Feather Flag


Use Takeaway Feather Flags to Guide Customers to Parking

  • High-quality printing makes attractive graphics.
  • Personalization options are available.
  • Feather flags are lightweight and portable.
  • Ready to use pre-printed feather flags.
  • User-friendly basic settings for straightforward installation.

Feather Flags are Adaptable and Simple to Install

Every growing business requires order and traffic control. Our double-sided feather flags assist you in directing your customers to the parking areas. The flags also let potential customers know you provide takeout services. Use them to upkeep order in parking lots and improve takeout efficiency.

Our flags provide high-quality printing that attracts attention. The attractive designs direct customers' attention directly to the information you need to convey. We sew a liner in the center of a double-sided design to block out light for visibility and opacity on both sides. The images on the rear of our single-sided printed feather flags appear as mirrored pictures with 50 to 60% visibility.

You can choose from a range of design possibilities for your roadside flags. There are several sizes available, allowing you to select the one that best meets your business needs. You can opt for both the graphic and the pole, or select just one item if necessary.

To ensure stability, our printed feather flags come with sturdy flag poles and a variety of base options, such as spike and cross bases. Each base is simple to attach to the flagpole. The simple installation technique saves time in putting up or taking down your flags.

Ready-to-Use Pole Feather Flags Offer Ease of Handling

We make our feather flags with a lightweight material that makes transportation and installation easy. This allows you to reposition the pole feather flags according to your local business requirements. The portable flags eliminate the need for similar banners in multiple locations.

Our single-sided feather flags arrive at your site fully assembled and ready to use. The flags have a pre-printed message stating that the parking area is only for takeout customers. It saves time and eliminates the need to create your own graphics.

Feather Flags are Simple to Clean

Our pole feather flags are low-maintenance and easy to use. You can wash the fabric by hand using a mild liquid detergent or gentle wash it in a washing machine with warm water. It enables you to care for the cloth without the help of a professional and maintain the appearance of the design.

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