Pre-Printed Pizza Feather Flag

Pre-Printed Pizza Feather Flag


Advertise Your Business With Pizza Feather Flags

  • The pre-designed feather flag helps you save time.
  • The flags have a stunning multicolor setup to catch attention.
  • The "Pizza" text won't fade easily.
  • Choose from five different sizes.
  • Get discounts when you buy multiple items.

Colorful Preprinted Pizza Feather Flags Entice Potential Customers

If your catering business is located on a crowded street or trade fair spot, attracting customers could be challenging. Our feather flags feature bold letters and vibrant colors to catch the eye. Pre-printed and ready for shipping, the feather flags help businesses save resources. The flags are ideal for restaurants, cafeterias, and trade fair eateries.

The flags have bold yellow letters for easy visibility. Created through dye sublimation, the text retains its shine for a long time. The background features green, white, and red colors to help your business stand out from the competition.

We offer a collection of installation accessories to help you mount these in a variety of environments. The flags' fabric supports machine washing for easy maintenance. To remove any creases introduced through washing or storage, press the fabric with a steamer.

Our synthetic feather flag fabrics hold up well under regular use, and resist fraying for long-term use. The poles for these flags have carbon fiber construction to stand up to the elements. They won't break or corrode easily.

Printed Feather Flags Have Options

Before placing your order, customize the flags to bring them in line with your unique project needs. There are five flag sizes to cater to the needs of small and large establishments. Single-sided options have a mirror image of the original text on the reverse side. Double-sided feather flags attract people from multiple directions.

Choose a fitting base to stabilize your flag installation. Spike bases anchor the flag to the ground, making this base type a good choice for trade fairs and other outdoor events. Opt for a cross base if you intend to set your flag on a floor or pavement.

Flexible Pricing for 'Pizza' Feather Flags

All orders of two or more items attract bulk discounts. The discounts increase on a sliding scale to help businesses save on large orders.

Shop pre-printed 'Pizza' feather flags for your organization online at Best of Signs.