Pre-Printed Sale Feather Flag - Yellow

Pre-Printed Sale Feather Flag - Yellow

  • High-quality graphics make the flags visible from a distance.
  • Choose from various size options to suit specific dimensional requirements.
  • Promotional feather flags are easy to assemble and install.
  • Lightweight construction improves portability.
  • Pre-printed flags are ready to use.

Increase Your Local Business Noticeability With 'Sale' Feather Flags

Sale Feather Flags Are Highly Visible and Customizable

Owning a local business means reaching out to more people to promote your products and events, like clearance sales or new products. Our printed feather flags help your local business amp up with their bright colorful displays waving in the breeze.

Our feather flags have high-quality graphics with bold colors, which increase their legibility from afar. The flags with precisely printed texts direct everyone who sees them to your local business. Choose double-sided flags with two messaging surfaces, or go with single-sided advertising feather flags that project a mirror image of the print.

The promotional feather flags come in varying heights. Place them strategically so that bushes and other formations don't obscure them. Choose between single- and double-sided flags depending on the message.

Choose between a spike base or a cross base with a water bag for balance. The spiked base is easy to drive into the soil, which makes installation quick and convenient. Place our sale feather flags strategically where there's high traffic and watch your local business take over.

Easy to Transport Printed Feather Flags Are Ready to Use

Carry and move our flags from one place to another easily, thanks to the modular design and portable construction. Installation is quick and convenient. Stick the pointed base into the ground and put the cross bases perpendicular to the ground for the feather flags to stay upright.

Our promotional feather flags come with pre-printed text in place. This eliminates the need for any modification. Unpack the shipment and install the flags at the designated site in your local business. 

'Sale' Feather Flags Are Simple to Clean

The printed feather flags are easy to maintain. Remove them from the mounting poles and toss them in a washing machine. Clean any dirt or debris with your hands, using any ordinary fabric detergent.

Shop for yellow pre-printed 'Sale' feather flags for your organization online at Best of Signs.