Pre-Printed Save Feather Flag - Blue


Outdoor Feather Flags With Vibrant Text

With every outlet on your block clamoring for attention, putting across your advertising messaging can be challenging. Our vibrant feather flags help businesses capture attention and stand out. They feature bold text and vivid primary colors. These flags are suitable for use at retail outlets, restaurants, and trade shows. 

Each flag features a 'SAVE $$$' message to alert customers to a running sale or promotion. This yellow text contrasts well with the blue and red background to add a pop of color to your booth or shop. Advanced printing techniques cure the ink to prevent fading.

Choose from a vast selection of accessories for mounting your feather flags. Lightweight poles simplify moving your signs from place to place. The fabric cleans easily through machine or hand washing to stay in pristine condition. To remove wrinkles, steam or press the cloth with an iron.

The flags have synthetic fabric construction, so they support outdoor use. They resist fraying and tearing for durability. Featuring carbon composite fiberglass construction, the poles don't rust or degrade with exposure to the elements.

Customize Your Outdoor Feather Flags

We offer flags in five different sizes to meet the needs of a wide variety of business owners. Our printing systems support both double- and single-sided printing.

Mount your feather flag on a cross base or spike base to complete installation. Metal spike bases are ideal for installation on the ground in outdoor settings, while cross bases are preferred when placing the sign on indoor concrete floors or sidewalks.

Pre-printed Flag Bulk Discounts

We take orders from individuals and businesses, so we have no minimum or maximum order limitations. To save on your order, purchase more than one item and benefit from our sliding-scale bulk discounts.

Shop pre-printed blue 'SAVE $$$' feather flags for your organization online at Best of Signs.