Pre-Printed Seafood Feather Flag

Pre-Printed Seafood Feather Flag

  • "Seafood" flags will will bring in fish-lovers from all around
  • These pre-printed flags are beautiful, eye catching, and economical
  • Great for festivals, shops, special events, grocery stores, and restaurants
  • These durable flags can be used over and over!

"See" Food

If your establishment is one of the lucky ones that can offer fresh seafood, be sure your customers know exactly where to find their favorite culinary delights! Our "Seafood" flag lets fish-lovers know you're open for business and ready to serve. Let the vibrant yellow and blue coloring grab customers' attention as it sways in the wind.

It's a Breeze!

Our 14' tall "Seafood" flag is easy to see from every direction. Secured with a 31" stake, it can withstand even the toughest oceanic breeze. Afraid of the sun dulling those bright colors? No fear! Our dye-sublimation process insures that the colors will stay bright outdoors and keeps your flag looking sharp.

"Seafood" flags are great for:

  • Festivals
  • Shops
  • Special Events
  • Restaurants
  • Grocery Stores

A Worthwhile Investment

For outdoor advertising value, pre-printed flags are your best option. They're a great way to draw attention to your establishment and long-lasting familiarity for your customers. You'll never have to swim upstream with our "Seafood" flags!