Pre-Printed Temporary Closed Order Online Feather Flag

Pre-Printed Temporary Closed Order Online Feather Flag

  • Sturdy construction makes the marketing flags suitable for outdoor usage.
  • High-resolution graphics are easily distinguishable from a distance.
  • Customization offers various options to suit your liking.
  • Lightweight, pre-printed, and easy-to-use flags ensure portability and quick installation.

Announce Operational Amendments with High-Quality Restaurant Flags

Customizable Outdoor Flags Offer Quality and Exceptional Durability

Unforeseen circumstances may cause interruptions in regular business operations. Such temporary changes should not affect your client base and revenues, which is why investing in eye-catching display tools to keep your clients updated about your operating status is a smart move. We offer high-quality restaurant flags that strive to communicate with your clients on your behalf and keep your business running.

Made with sturdy and high tensile strength carbon composite fiberglass and fabric graphic material, our pole feather flags offer a long-lasting service to your facility. High durability makes the flags suitable for prolonged outdoor usage.

Featuring high-resolution and long-lasting colors from dye-sublimation printing, our marketing flags ensure your message is accurate and easily visible to passersby. The single-sided variants reflect the mirrored image of the printed side at the back to enhance visibility from all angles.

Choose either single-sided or double-sided flags as per your need. You may also choose to order the pole and graphic panels together or individually. Single-sided store flags with a mirrored image are perfect for store entrances. The double-sided variants, offering maximum visibility, are suitable for both indoor and outdoor placement. Choose from any of our standard sizes to match the dimensional requirement of your facility.

Lightweight Pole Feather Flags are Portable and Easy to Assemble

Pre-printed outdoor flags save time and effort, as they come ready to use. You may put them on display right after you receive the shipment to let your visitors know about operational changes at your facility.

The lightweight structure of our outdoor flags makes them portable and reusable. These characteristics add to the efficiency of the flags, making them a smart investment for a growing business.

Store Flags are Easy to Maintain

A simple machine wash on a gentle cycle is sufficient to clean the restaurant flags. Alternatively, you can also wash them with your hands using a regular mild fabric soap. Easy maintenance of our flags leaves you with enough time and energy to focus on your next business plan.

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