Pre-Printed Testing Done Here Feather Flag

Pre-Printed Testing Done Here Feather Flag

  • High-resolution printing improves the visibility of the prints.
  • Customize the flags easily by specifying dimensions.
  • The process of installation is simple.
  • Feather flags are small, lightweight, and simple to use.
  • The signage is pre-printed and ready to use.

Pre-printed 'Testing Done Here' Feather Flags as Directional Aids

Feather Flags Offer Ease of Installation

Individuals could easily become lost at your local organisation and risk spreading or getting in contact with infectious diseases. To help prevent disease transmission, your healthcare institutions and pop-up clinics must efficiently give directional help, directing individuals to testing places. Visitors can use our parking feather flags as a visual cue to find testing stations.

When visitors come to your property, high-quality printing ensures that all the details on the parking feather flags are visible. On single-sided flags, a mirror image with a 50-60% visibility allows your message to be visible from every direction. To give the signs a professional appearance, we sew a liner in between the two sides.

Choose from single-sided or double-sided printing, graphics, and a pole. The back of the single-sided version features a reverse design, whilst the back of the double-sided version has images printed on both sides to maximize the exposure of your message. To match your needs, parking feather flags are available in several sizes.

Our flag foundation options, which include a cross base, a spike base, and a water base, make mounting the feather flags simple while also adding stability. You'll save time and effort because one person can complete the entire assembly, allowing you to provide directional help to guests in just a few minutes.

Parking Feather Flags are Easy to Relocate

You can move the outdoor feather flag around to maximize the visibility of your message because of the lightweight. It makes the flags easy to use and allows you to save money on advertising because the signage is reusable.

The outdoor feather flag's pre-printed visuals direct guests to testing stations, saving you time and effort by removing the need to generate your own designs. As a result, you'll be able to use the flags to provide directional help right away.

Cleaning Feather Flags is Simple

Hand or machine wash the personalized feather flag with a light liquid detergent to keep it clean. Keep the flags clean to attract visitors' notice and show the testing locations' location.

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