Pre-Printed We are Open Feather Flag

Pre-Printed We are Open Feather Flag

  • Our flags are bright and noticeable because of high-quality printing.
  • Custom solutions are available to match your specific requirements.
  • Marketing flags are quick and easy to set up, saving you time and effort.
  • Feather flags are lightweight and simple to maintain.
  • Each flag is ready to use, saving you the time and effort of creating an image.

Inform Customers with 'We are Open' Feather Flags

We are Open Feather Flags Include Composite Fiber Glass Hardware

When your micro-business first opens or reopens after a long period of closure, you must inform the public that clients are welcome to come in and purchase things. Our advertising feather flags convey this message succinctly. The flags with composite fiber glass hardware communicate the message to consumers because of the vibrant colors and crisp printing.

Our promotional feather flags are visible even from a distance due to high-quality printing. The picture appears on the reverse side of single-sided flags as a mirrored image with 50-60 percent visibility, allowing pedestrians to see it from many angles. On double-sided flags, we place a liner in between the fabric for extra quality.

Choose from several sizes to customize your outdoor feather flags to fit your specific requirements. You have the option of ordering the images, the pole, or both. Depending on your needs, you can print single-sided or double-sided.

Our 'we are open' feather flags have an easy-to-install ground pole with a spike base, cross base, or cross base with a water bag which enables easy assembly and movement of the flags.

Advertising Feather Flags are Lightweight and Easy to Transport

To give you flexibility, the marketing flags are simple to install and move as needed. The feather flags' lightweight allows for easy mobility in case you need to move your workspace or position one in a high-traffic area to increase public visibility.

We already put the designs for the advertisement flags to a black and red background, making the flags ready to use right away. You can save time and work by using pre-printed text instead of creating your own message or image.

Low Maintenance We are Open Feather Flags

Care and maintenance of our printed feather flags is simple and can be hand or machine washed with mild liquid detergent. To extend the life of the flags, we advise you to wash them periodically with a solution designed for delicate goods.

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