Product Boxes

Product Boxes

  • High-quality FBB (Folding Box Board) boxes are very durable.
  • Upload your artwork or design using our intuitive design tool.
  • Multiple printing options — outside only, inside & outside — are available.
  • Choice options for lamination include matte and gloss.
  • The bottom flap of the boxes comes with locking.

Highly Durable Folding Boxes With Locked Bottom Flap

Professional, neat product packaging that has a touch of branding can pace up your sales. Good packaging can have a massive effect on your target customers. It initiates impulse buying, resulting in increased sales of your products. A touch of branding on your packages increases brand recall and makes a great impression on the buyer. We are here to help you achieve all this and more with our highly durable folding boxes. Consider our boxes and folding cartons as an effective branding tool and a perfect retail packaging solution.

Best of Signs folding carton packages are made out of FBB (Folding Box Board) material. The material is structurally solid and possesses high durability. The rigidity of FBB paper allows the box to hold its shape. The solid construction, together with the secure tuck top and locked bottom flap, creates a secure housing for the products. This ensures that your products stay safe during storage and transit.

The quality of our custom folding boxes is not just limited to making a positive impact on the end buyers. They also have a positive environmental impact with their recyclable and renewable properties. The paperboard packaging of our folding carton packaging is just the right alternative to plastic packaging.

Our low-density folding boxes promise great visual impact too. The solid construction makes your custom graphics look visually appealing and professional, making your brand shine through every package.

Customize Your Folding Carton Boxes in Minutes

You can design folding boxes to fit your unique product packaging and branding needs. You can add your business logo in a single or repeated pattern outside and/or inside of the box carton, based upon your needs.

To customize, either upload your print-ready graphics or use our intuitive online design tool to create your quick design. If you are seeking professional design help for your product packaging, you can hire one of our expert designers at a minimal cost of $9.99 and leave the rest to us.

Offset Printing and Lamination of Your Choice

Here at Best of Signs, we print our folding cartons and boxes using the offset printing technique. Being a highly impactful yet economical choice for printing, it allows us to print large quantities at a low cost. Plus, this printing technique results in vibrant and eye-catchy graphics. For lamination, you have a choice of matte and gloss coatings. Regardless of your coating choice, the lamination will protect the print from fading, damage, and abrasions. Also, it will add a flair and sheen to your packages.