Rectangle Table Toppers

Rectangle Table Toppers

  • Stretch polyester fabric offers durability.
  • Dye-sublimation printing creates brilliant graphics.
  • Add your own logo and text with our design tools.
  • The washing machine-safe fabric ask for simple maintenance.
  • Choose from three different sizes to outfit all your tables.

Decorate at Events With Rectangle Table Toppers

Colorful Advertising Table Toppers

The attention span of potential customers at exhibition events is typically just a matter of seconds, so you need all the help you can get to attract people to your booth. Our brilliant table-toppers showcase your brand colors and help you advertise products and services. These table accessories work well for a wide variety of events, including open houses, community events, conferences, and trade fairs.

Dye-based techniques imprint the ink deep into the fabric fibers for a fade-resistant finish. We support resolutions of up to 1440 DPI, so our systems are suitable for logos with intricate artwork and pictures.

The fabric table toppers come ready for installation and do not need any further treatments. For storage, fold them neatly after use. They support machine and hand washing for simple maintenance. To remove wrinkles, use a hot iron with plain paper between the iron and the fabric.

Made of high-quality polyester, the table toppers keep their shape for a long time. They don't fray easily at the edges, and they don't permanently stain.

Create Unique Advertising Table Toppers

Look through our catalog of professional templates to get inspiration for your marketing materials. You can tweak any template for custom table toppers. The upload feature lets you use your pre-designed logos and files to create unique toppers.

The toppers are available in three sizes to help you outfit small and large tables. They are rectangular to match your tables fittingly. 

Rectangle Table Topper Bulk Discounts

Save money on your order when you purchase multiple items at once. Our bulk discounts increase on a sliding scale according to the number of items you purchase.

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