Red, White, Blue Inflatable Tube Man

Red, White, Blue Inflatable Tube Man


Inflatable Tube Man Attracts Potential Shoppers and Increase Sales

  • The resilient polyamide nylon silk is ideal for outdoor use.
  • Tube men are available in different sizes to suit business needs.
  • Add a business logo through the online design tool.
  • Installation is quick with the air blower, saving you time.

Long-Lasting Inflatable Tube Man

When holding sales events, you need to be innovative to ensure your advertising efforts don’t go unnoticed. A marketing tool that attracts both children and adults is sure to bring in more prospective customers. Air dancers are one of the leading marketing tools, as they catch the eye of any passer-by with their comical dance moves. Our inflatable tube men are an attractive and effective advertising method entrepreneurs can use to attract long-term customers.

The arm tube men resist abrasion, chemicals, and wear and tear. This is possible with the high-strength polyamide nylon silk, saving you from buying new air dancers. The added tarpaulin is also strong enough to handle vigorous movements against strong winds.

The inflatable dancing men are available in six, ten, and twenty ft. sizes, so you can pick one that best suits your business premises. The small size works best for retail stores, while the bigger one is suitable for a car wash or any large business that operates on an open field.

The inflatable tube men are easy to wash by hand, so you can always keep them clean. Remember to use cold water and mild soap or non-bleach detergent to avoid fading or discoloration.

Fast to Assemble Wacky Tube Man

Installing the wacky tube men to attract attention is a breeze using a sturdy air blower. This saves both time and effort.

Besides printing images that don’t fade over time, dye-sublimation printing yields stunning and sharp graphics. They don’t peel or crack after washing many times, attracting customers for a long time.

Buy Inflatable Tube Men in Bulk to Get Discounts

Buying air dancers in bulk attracts special discounts, helping you save money on promotional tools. You also eliminate frequent purchases.

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