Reflective Handicap Restroom Signs

Reflective Handicap Restroom Signs


'Handicap' Restroom Signs for Equal Access

  • Durable aluminum sheets enable lasting use.
  • Full color, 600-DPI UV printing produces high-quality prints.
  • Mounting holes make installation easy, saving time.
  • Pick from ready-to-use templates to save on design time.
  • Bulk orders are eligible for special discounts.

Durable 'Handicap' Restroom Signs

Non-accessible private establishments or public areas can feel unwelcoming for people with disabilities. There are various directional signs your business can install to guide and keep them safe around the premises. Our 'Handicap Restroom' signs help identify restrooms for an easy time navigating your facilities. The signs provide a sense of acceptance and care, attracting more potential clients, employees, and visitors.

The 1.2-mm thick aluminum sheets offer maximum durability, as they are resistant to water and UV light. Their durability means you eliminate frequent replacement costs.

Full-color, 600-DPI UV printing technology delivers high-quality prints, so our full-color restroom signs are conspicuous to avoid confusion. This innovative process produces clear images with enhanced color matching, so you can read the sign from afar. UV printing is also fade resistant for a lasting display.

The aluminum signs are lightweight to facilitate 1-person installation, relocation, and removal. The signs also feature 1-inch corner radii, which minimizes accidental cuts during attachment.

Pre-Defined Designs for Reflective 'Handicap Access' Signs

Why settle for generic signage when you can customize them to suit your needs? Our design tool features several ready templates that help save on design time. Change the font or color, then fine-tune the background so it blends with the setting. Our system also allows you to upload unique artwork. Pre-defined sizes ranging from 8 x 3 inches to 28 x 20 inches suit various room sizes, simplifying the selection of wall signs.

Our reflective signs are easily visible at night, as they have a special film that bounces light back, which suits businesses that stay open late. This also enables clients with disabilities to easily access restrooms located in shadowy areas.

Purchase 'Disabled' Restroom Signs in Bulk for Discounts

Buy reflective signs in large quantities to enjoy special discounts. Save money if you buy two or more of the same sign.

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