Reflective Magnetic Signs

Reflective Magnetic Signs

  • Sturdy magnetic construction allows convenient use outdoors.
  • A reflective sheet provides night-time visibility.
  • Full-color, 600-DPI printing generates quality graphics.
  • Our online design tool allows customization.

Reflective Magnetic Signs Allow Nighttime Advertisement

Highly Visible Reflective Magnetic Signs Offer Crisp Graphics

Every business strives to achieve optimal exposure and increased brand engagement, or risk dropping sales. If you have a company automobile on the road, even at night, then our reflective magnetic signs are your solution. They illuminate when light from headlights, streetlamps, or any other light source reflects off them. With these signs, your business gets additional publicity and the benefit of being interactive at night. Their attractive sign layouts and custom graphics ensure your message gets across. 

With a 600-DPI rating, these advertising magnetic signs have a premium appeal. Their full-color, high-precision printing enhances hue presentation and intensity for vibrant and consistent graphics. The signs come with a magnetic sheet that produces sharp and contrasting elements for distinct messaging.

The signage has prominent and clear messaging that is easy to see from varying distances. The reflective sheet allows you to display your signs at night, making them ideal for full-time business operations. Introduce bright and contrasting colors to your designs to ensure your advertisement stands out significantly.

Featuring a 900-micron thick magnetic sheet, the business magnetic signs are hard wearing. Their rigid 2790GSM construction is long lasting, which eliminates the need for replacements and reduces the total cost of ownership. They have a top film that withstands various elements, enhancing their viability for outdoor use. We use fade-free UV ink on the signs to ensure a long print life.

Easy-to-Install Car Magnetic Signs

Use our online design tool to customize the car magnetic signs as per your specific demands. You can tap the pre-designed templates for quick ordering. Alternatively, upload custom artwork for signs that resonate with your brand identity. 

The magnetic signs affix firmly on car surfaces for a steadfast outcome. Apply them over a dry and clean metallic surface to avoid air gaps that prevent the magnetic sheeting from fully attaching.

Buy Magnetic Signs in High Volumes to Save on Costs

Purchase the magnetic signs in bulk to enjoy cost savings. All orders ranging from 2 to over 500 signs attract special pricing to accommodate individual customers, small businesses, and large enterprises.

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