Reflective Movie Signs

Reflective Movie Signs


Announce New Movies With Movie Signs

  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum sheet ideal for outdoor placement.
  • Full-color printing gives vibrant color matches and spectacular graphics.
  • Reflective sheet enables you to advertise day and night, as it's highly visible.
  • Our movie signs are fully customizable to any dimension, color, and size.
  • You get a bulk discount when you order multiple signs.

Reach a Wide Audience With Memorable, Full-Color Movie Signs

It's challenging to get an audience for a movie if you don't have proper marketing tools. Our reflective movie signs draw attention and create curiosity about upcoming films. When you place them signs at your theater, you create a buzz and increase the chances of getting more visitors.

We make our signs using high-quality aluminum sheets that have a thickness of 1.2 mm. The aluminum sheet is durable, corrosion resistant, and withstands weather elements. The signs are stable and stay intact for a long duration.

With 600-DPI resolution, the images have vibrant color matches with spectacular graphics. The full-color reflective movie signs have UV printing that prevents the color from fading due to sun exposure, and it also enables high-resolution graphics.

Customize movie signs to your business demands by size and color. Our online tool allows you to create personalized movie signs.

Advertising Movies With Mountable Cinema Signs

The movie signs have a reflective coating that is highly visible and attention grabbing. It makes the theatre signs distinguishable during the day and night. Choose between the reflective and non-reflective sheets.

It's easy to install the signs, as they have three mounting hole options. The mounting holes allow for easy installation either indoors or outdoors.

Get a Bulk Discount on Movie Signs

Create impactful advertising with multiple signs and enjoy a bulk discount. This applies to orders of two or more of the same sign.

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