Reflective No Smoking Pool Signs

Reflective No Smoking Pool Signs

  • Sign graphics are printed on an engineer-grade reflective film.
  • A durable aluminum sheet is used as the base material.
  • Full Color, 600DPI, UV printing results in vibrant, long-lasting graphics.
  • The reflective film draws attention to the sign. 

Reflective No Smoking Pool Signs with Pre-drilled Holes

Ensure a Smokefree Pool Experience With Reflective No Smoking Pool Signs 

A no-smoking sign is an indication of a healthy and safe space. With people becoming increasingly conscious about their health, installing such a sign at any workplace or facility can offer several benefits. Our reflective no-smoking pool signs are designed to make your pool area a smoke-free zone. Installing a custom no-smoking sign will prompt all your visitors to adhere to it. Plus, it will put a positive impact on everyone visiting your premises. Our fully customizable signs can be custom-designed to suit your unique space needs. Regardless of the graphics or communication, it will serve as a constant reminder, imposing a smoke-free by-the-pool experience for everyone.

Take Advantage of The Fully-customizable Free Design Templates

There is a selection of pre-designed, fully customizable templates that can help you kickstart your unique graphics in a snap. To customize, select any of the available templates and start editing in our easy design tool. Alternatively, you can send us your print-ready artwork. We will print your custom graphics on an engineer-grade 7mil, 3M vinyl film and paste it on a highly durable 1.2mm thick aluminum sheet. The end product is an aluminum sign, durable enough to withstand different ambient conditions, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Perks Of Reflective Film

The top reflective film of our no-smoking pool sign adds more to its functionality. Whenever a light source hits the sign, it reflects, drawing attention to it. It further ensures that your sign does not go unnoticed even during dark hours.

Get Your No Smoking Pool Sign Pre-drilled For Easy Mounting

Our reflective no-smoking pool signs come with multiple mounting choices. Based on your installation needs, you can select any mounting option from no holes to holes at all four corners of your sign. There is also a quick choice of two pre-drilled holes at the top & bottom and left & right. Once your aluminum sign with pre-drilled holes arrives, you have a ready-to-use no-smoking sign at hand that will only take a few quick minutes to be mounted.

No Smoking Pool Sign Key Specifications:

This sign - regardless of the size you choose - comes with these fantastic features: 

  • 1.2 mm thick Aluminium Sheet is used
  • Reflective film printed and pasted on aluminum Sheet.
  • Full Color, 600DPI, UV Printed sign
  • Holes are drilled at 0.5'' or 1'' distance from the edges depending on the size.
  • Choice of custom sizing and 4 pre-defined size dimensions (W X H) is available:
    • 1FTX1.5FT
    • 1.5FTX2FT
    • 2FTX3FT
    • 3FTX4FT