Reflective Parking Signs

Reflective Parking Signs


Reflective Parking Signs for Active Parking Areas

  • 600-DPI, full-color printing makes the signs noticeable.
  • The parking signs come with holes for easy mounting.
  • Aluminum sheet provides protection from rust.
  • Pick from different dimensions of the parking signage.
  • Custom templates simplify the ordering process.

Heavy-Duty Reflective Custom Parking Signs for Enhanced Visibility

Maximize your parking management efficiency with our Reflective Custom Parking Signs, designed specifically for high-traffic areas in the USA. These signs are constructed from heavy-duty and durable aluminum sheets and include a reflective film for optimal visibility. The solid 1.2mm thickness of the aluminum sheet guarantees long-lasting use and resistance to severe weather conditions.

Lift your parking space management with our striking Reflective Custom Parking Signs. Employing advanced full-color, 600DPI, UV printing technology with LED curing, these signs provide exceptional clarity and longevity. The engineer-grade 7 mil, 3M vinyl film greatly enhances reflectivity, ensuring visibility at night and in low-light conditions.

Mounted on a robust 1.2mm thick aluminum sheet, these signs are not only long-lasting but also weather-resistant. The combination of reflective film and bright, sharp colors guarantees readability from a distance, making them ideal for diverse parking situations.

Personalized High-Visibility Reflective Parking Signs with Custom Touch

Our selection spans a range of sizes, including 12" x 18", 18" x 24", 24"x 36, and 36" x 48", in addition to customizable dimensions to meet your specific needs. They are perfect for both company vehicles and private parking lots, serving as an effective communication tool for parking regulations.

Select from an extensive assortment of templates like 'No Parking', ‘Reserved’, ‘Handicapped Parking’, ‘Employee Parking’, and more. Customize your sign with specific text, colors, graphics, borders, or logos for a personalized approach. Our design team is ready to assist for a nominal fee, ensuring your sign aligns perfectly with your requirements. Each sign is engineered for easy installation, equipped with 5-7 mm diameter holes and a 1" corner radius for secure and adaptable mounting. Choose the hole placement according to your installation needs-top and bottom, right and left, or on all four corners.

Bulk Order Discounts on Premium Reflective Parking Signs

Enjoy greater value with our Reflective Parking Signs when you place bulk orders. Whether you need a few or several hundred, our pricing structure offers significant discounts on larger orders. This is an excellent opportunity for businesses, municipalities, or property managers to acquire high-quality, durable parking signage. Check our discount table on the website for comprehensive information on savings for each quantity bracket.