Reflective PVC Foam Board Signs

Reflective PVC Foam Board Signs


Versatility to go almost anywhere

  • Excellent for indoor retail use
  • Best for prints with limited handling
  • Light weight, semi rigid foam board

You might be the owner of a small business, ready to get your kiosk into action at a carnival. Or you are a shop-owner in need of good eye-catching signage. All businesses need some form of advertising and they need a tool that will market without having to spend on it repeatedly. This is where PVC Foam Board Signs come in. If you require a poster that will endure robust outdoor use or lightly used indoors, you can't go wrong with PVC Foam Board Signs!

Here are some reasons why PVC Foam Board Signs are exactly what you need:

  • They are so lightweight, yet durable and rigid.
  • Cut it, drill it, or line bend it, like other thermoplastics - can form any shape imaginable.
  • They are opaque enough that you may also use them for double-faced signs.
  • Extremely resistant to the elements of weather - rain, wind, and sunlight.
  • Superior chemical, dent and scratch resistance makes the material intensely durable.
  • Easy to store. A flat place to lay them down is all it takes to store them.

Why Buy From Us

  • We do not just sell PVC Foam Board Signs, we believe in selling Custom PVC Foam Board Signs to satisfy all your signboard needs. Our Custom PVC Foam Board Signs come in various colors. Choose the one that suits you best. PVC Foam Board Signs of varying thickness and sizes are also available.
  • Our PVC Foam Board Signs come with many quantity options. Select a package according to your requirements, instead of paying for PVC Foam Board Signs that you do not need.
  • Our Custom PVC Foam Board Signs are easy to handle and come with a good retention of screws and staples.
  • The Custom PVC Foam Board Signs that we provide have versatile uses and are a great marketing tool for all types of companies, situations, and budgets. Us them as:
  • Suspended from the top of the ceiling and use as hanging signs. Perfect for grocery stores, retail stores, bakeries etc Most often these signs will be suspended from the top of the ceiling.
  • Ideal as menu signs for a deli or bakery.
  • Want your business logo hanging inside the building, as well as outside? Use our PVC Foam Board Signs because it is very easy to print on them.
  • Their lightweight and easy to use nature makes them a blessing when looking to hang signs in high or awkward places, with minimum effort involved!

In today's world of cutthroat competition, you need a sign that stands out and is exactly what you want it to be. We will provide you with Custom PVC Foam Board Signs that are completely to your liking and tailor-made for your business. Choose our PVC Foam Board Signs for all your signage needs.