Rent Me Inflatable Tube Man

Rent Me Inflatable Tube Man


Advertising Inflatable Tube Man to Market Your Rental Space

  • These tube men have high-strength polyamide nylon silk.
  • The tough 600D PVC nylon bottom makes them stand firmly.
  • Embroidered letters are legible for years.
  • Dye-sublimation printing technology produces vibrant prints.

Tough Polyamide-Nylon Advertising Inflatable Tube Man

Advertising a rental space through modern channels can be a hard. Most people looking for such properties prefer to see what’s available on location. Our advertising inflatable tube men solve your promotional strategy since they draw the attention of most passersby. Unlike traditional banners, tube men also provide some entertainment value.

The wavy arm guys are made from polyamide nylon silk with tarpaulin. This gives them superior strength properties to withstand rough handling and the raging weather for years.

The bottom section includes 600D PVC nylon. The material is strong enough to hold the wacky inflatable tube men in place against severe winds.

The inflatable tube men are 20 feet tall. They are visible from afar, grabbing the attention of everyone passing by your business premises. Use them to inform potential buyers in case they'd like to rent your property.

Stunning Inflatable Dancing Guys

The dye-sublimation printing technology produces colorful graphics that pop out from a distance. The inflatable dancing guys attract the attention of potential customers. The prints are also fade resistant, saving you from retouching or replacement costs.

The advertising inflatable tube men are simple to set up using a blower, saving effort and time. You can buy a blower separately.

Buy Advertising Inflatable Tube Man in Bulk for a Discount

Get a discount if you buy advertising inflatable tube men in bulk. Redirect the savings to other aspects of your rental business.

Shop 'Rent Me' inflatable tube men to advertise your rental space to potential tenants online at Best of Signs.