Restroom Floor Mats

Restroom Floor Mats


Restroom Floor Mats to Guide Staff and Visitors

  • The floor mats offer sturdy coral fleece material.
  • The back material contains non-woven fabric grippers to prevent slips.
  • Full-color 1440-DPI printing technology produces beautiful prints.
  • You can customize the mat with additional messages or graphics.

Sturdy Coral Fleece Restroom Floor Mats 

Sometimes new workers or visitors feel uncomfortable asking around for directions to the right restroom. Things get worse if they accidentally end up in the wrong restroom. You can solve this problem using our restroom floor mats that provide clear directions to all. The restroom mats are a subtle way of showing your visitors that you value their dignity.

Tough coral fleece material allows long-lasting use of the floor mats. The last thing anyone needs is a worn-out mat in their business premises. In addition, you don’t have to incur more costs by replacing the mats every few months.

Slipping and sliding accidents can disrupt the workflow in your business. All the restroom mats have a rubberized underside with grippers, keeping them in place at all times.

The restroom floor mats feature 1440-DPI, dye-sublimation technology for brilliant graphics. The text and graphics remain conspicuous despite regular heavy wear.

Easy-to-Customize Printed Yard Signs

Our restroom mats are easy to customize using the online tool. Depending on your business needs, you can use the logo floor mats by personalizing the text, graphics, and font size.  

Business owners that don’t have the time or desire to tweak the fabric floor mats can choose from our pre-printed catalog. It saves time by making the ordering process more convenient. 

Earn a Discount for Bulk Restroom Floor Mat Orders

Buying multiple restroom floor mats doesn’t have to be expensive. This is why we give you a special discount for all bulk orders.  

Shop restroom floor mats to direct your staff and visitors online at Best of Signs. Enjoy free super saver shipping on all orders over $99.