Restroom Outdoor Floor Mats

Restroom Outdoor Floor Mats


Show Guests to the Bathroom With Restroom Floor Mats

  • Non-woven polyester makes restroom floor mats resilient.
  • Nitrile rubber backing is slip-resistant for high friction.
  • Mats feature restroom symbols in 1440 DPI for clarity.
  • Clean the mats easily with water to remove stains.
  • Choose between indoor and outdoor mats.

Low-Maintenance and High-Quality Restroom Floor Mats

If you run a venue, motel, public pool, or other outdoor or indoor location where visitors come and go, some will need to know where to find a restroom for immediate relief and hand washing. Place printed floor mats outside each restroom so guests can easily find and enter them when they need to.

Made of tough polyester, these outdoor floor mats are suitable for constant foot traffic and hold up well to outdoor elements and exposure to water. These mats are made to last and will continue to display restroom signage until you remove them.

With simple designs and high contrast, these polyester floor mats are easy to spot on floors. The 1440-DPI resolution makes graphics crisp and clear to show access to the restroom. 

Restroom floor mats are easy to clean, thanks to the synthetic fabric. Spray them with a water hose to clean off dirt and stains. Hang the mats on a clothesline or lay them flat outside to dry before putting them back in place.

Printed Floor Mats Are Slip Resistant

Order indoor or outdoor floor mats to best suit your restroom area. Outdoor mats come with premium quality for outdoor use, but you can also select basic-quality mats should you prefer one with less bulk. Indoor floor mats come with an additional, larger size option.

We back these polyester floor mats with nitrile rubber for remarkable gripping abilities. This allows the mats to have solid friction, so they don't move out of place or cause a visitor to fall when stepping on them.

Order Restroom Floor Mats and Save

Receive a bulk quantity discount when ordering multiple polyester floor mats. Add more mats to the order, and the cost per mat decreases. This lets you buy all the mats you need and save. 

Shop restroom outdoor floor mats for your organization online at Best of Signs.