Retractable Belt Barrier Stanchion - Stainless Steel

Retractable Belt Barrier Stanchion - Stainless Steel


Control Crowds With Retractable Belt Barriers

  • The barrier belts have a retractable 4-way feature and an anti-locking system.
  • We use high-quality, sturdy 340 stainless steel metal bars that resist corrosion.
  • The barrier belts have viscose material that drapes nicely and has a luxurious look.
  • We use screen printing for durable, high-quality output with vibrant colors.
  • Get a bulk discount when you order multiple pieces of belt barriers.

Restrict Access Using Retractable Belt Barriers

When you have crowds at an event and don't use barriers, it's difficult to control the crowd. It's advisable to put belt barriers in place for better public management. We offer eye-catching stanchion stainless steel barriers that assist you in managing event attendees. The printable belts also serve as practical advertising space for brand recognition.

We use a 2-meter belt with 304 stainless steel mirror-finish hardware for the crowd control barriers. It's non-corrosive, heat resistant, and lasts for a long time. The barriers have a base diameter of 350 mm and a total height of 1050 mm. Each complete package includes the pole, base and cover, and belt with cassette.

The barriers have a retractable 4-way feature and an anti-locking system to offer quick and easy installation of the plastic clamp. Gently retract the belt from the clamp to avoid damage to the belt, injury to your hands, and accidental release.

We use screen printing with white color for crowd control belts. Screen printing produces high-quality graphics with vivid colors. The prints are durable, and it's easy to print on the specified belt areas. The print area is 40 mm in height, with proportional width. You can either opt for single-sided or double-sided belts with a choice of three colors.

Successful Crowd Control With Stanchion Barriers

The wall-mounted retractable barriers have high-quality viscose of 640 +/-10 GSM with a thickness of 0.7 mm. The viscose material has a nice drape that conveys luxury and a soft feel, adding to the overall outlook of the belts.

You can customize the barrier belts according to your preference. You can design graphics for the belt with your brand name, logo, or initials. Upload the artwork to our online tool before checkout or send it to us via email.

Get a Bulk Discount for Retractable Belt Barriers

If you have a large venue, it makes sense to set up multiple barriers to keep spectators or guests in their respective areas. Order two or more of the same crowd control belts and get a bulk discount.

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