Roll Up Screen Sneeze Shield

Roll Up Screen Sneeze Shield

  • A quick, portable safety solution to create temporary movable partitions.
  • Aluminum anodized coated stand frame with a 3-piece bungee pole
  • The frame features adjusting spring tension and alignment
  • Durable PVC clear vinyl panel material cleans easily
  • Remove the wrinkles in the vinyl panel easily using a regular hair dryer

Roll-up Screen Sneeze Shield with Quality Clear Panels

Retractable Floor-standing Base Roll-up Screen Sneeze Shield

Sneeze shields are highly effective in preventing aerosol viruses that tend to transfer via sneezing or coughing. This roll-up sneeze shield is a floor-standing safety barrier designed to create temporary movable partitions in minutes. In the event of coughing or sneezing, the sneeze guard restricts the circulation of air particles, limiting their ability to reach others in proximity. The sneeze shield also prevents direct physical contact, making it an ideal safety solution to reinforce social distancing.

The roll-up screen shield stand is a retractable banner stand with housing at its base that holds the clear vinyl screen. Raise the sneeze shield from its housing, attach the support rod, and lock it into place. When finished, the screen guard panel retracts in seconds to fit into the stand base, keeping the screen secure when not in use.

The floor-standing panels are also an ideal measure for reinforcing social distancing as they can help create a physical barrier between work spaces. Simply put the sneeze shield in place and it immediately creates separation between individuals and drives home the importance of social distancing.

Lightweight, this floor-standing roll-up sneeze guard barrier is portable and easy to transport from one event or location to another. The lightweight design also allows for easy set-up and quick take-down.

The Perks of Clear Vinyl Panel

The clear vinyl sneeze guard is made out of clear PVC and is durable enough to withstand mild to moderate ambient conditions. Optimally designed for indoor spaces, simply move your sneeze guard into position and lock the sneeze shield into place. Once there, it both provides a safe barrier while also being easy to clean so you never have to worry about unsightly appearances.

The PVC vinyl panel of our roll-up screen sneeze shield provides excellent visibility from each side of the panel. This feature makes it an ideal safety solution that enables uninterrupted face-to-face communication.

Pre-designed, Ready to Ship Sneeze Shield

This roll-up screen sneeze shield is a pre-designed, ready-to-ship safety essential available in four sizes. Start by measuring your space(s) to determine the amount of room you have and the size divider you need. Then select a suitable size from our size variations that fit your needs.

Roll-up Screen Sneeze Shield Details:

All of our Roll-up Sneeze Shields - regardless of the size you choose - come with these fantastic features:

  • 0.5 mm thick PVC clear panel material
  • Aluminum anodized coated frame with adjusting spring tension and alignment.
  • 3-piece bungee pole with 15mm and 1mm thickness for added stability.
  • In case of wrinkles, use a low-heat air dryer to remove the wrinkles.
  • Choice of 4 size dimensions (W X H) available
    • 2FT X 5FT
    • 2.5FTX6FT
    • 3FTX6FT
    • 4FTX8FT
  • This product is unavailable for personalization.