Roll Up Screen Sneeze Shield

Roll Up Screen Sneeze Shield


Portable stand and quality clear panels in four different size dimensions.

  • An excellent, quick safety solution to create temporary movable partitions
  • Stand frame made from coated anodized aluminium
  • PVC Clear Vinyl panel material used

Create quick and easy partitions on a low budget with a roll-up screen sneeze shield

Want a quick safety solution that is capable of containing the virus particles, is easy to install, and fits in a low budget? This roll-up screen sneeze shield is just the perfect solution for you. The lightweight, portable, and versatile design of these floor-standing sneeze guard barriers are easy to set-up and moderately priced. They are very impactful in terms of cutting down airborne infections. They can be transported from one place/event to the other without much effort because they are very compact and durable. They are also known as retractable banner stands because the clear panels retract in seconds to fit into the base. The aluminum frame and the clear panel come as a whole package at a very cheap price here at Best Of Signs. The transparent sneeze guard panel is made out of a PVC clear vinyl, which is durable enough to withstand several elements. The roll-up stand features a housing space for the clear guard screen, which serves as the base of the stand and keeps the screen secure when it is not in use.

Cheap roll-up screen sneeze shield topped-up with the guarantee of quality

This roll-up screen sneeze shield comes with a quality guarantee and is customizable in terms of size dimensions. It’s currently available in four different sizes. Choose the preferred size to fit your space and match your safety needs. Order these sneeze barriers, place the frame wherever you wish to create a partition, pull up the clear panel from the stand base for quick assembly, attach the support rod, and you are done. No hassle of assembling and no expert assistance required. 

Order it now and enjoy the cheapest price guarantee, plus free super saver shipping on your order.