Round nylon bag (for popup)

Round nylon bag (for popup)


Store and Transport Displays Easily Using Pop-up Bags

  • Versatile build allows use with a wide variety of display models.
  • A wheeled base simplifies portability.
  • The tough build of the nylon bags offers increased durability.
  • Low maintenance requirements save time.

Pop-up Bags Don't Wear or Tear and They Simplify Portability

A major challenge faced by most business owners is transporting promotional tools, such as signage, to the next marketing event or trade show. Signs and displays often come in robust layouts that complicate transportation. Using our pop-up bags, you can easily store your equipment and carry them to a different location. Their round layout offers increased versatility.

These carry bags are made of tough oxford nylon fabric that resists abrasions and tears. Their long lifespan reduces the need for periodic replacement, which helps save you costs. Our pop-up nylon bags shield your displays from mechanical damage to prolong their use.

Oxford cloth bags have moisture-resistant properties that prevent water from seeping in. Their water-repellent construction offers safety from harsh weather such as rain during transportation.

Since oxford fabric is lightweight, these carry bags offer increased portability. They have wheels at the base to simplify the transportation of heavy promotional tools, such as banner display stands. With a retractable handle and top-mounted handle, these bags are easy to maneuver during transport.

Versatile, Easy to Care Oxford Cloth Bags

With a package size of 44 cm x 44 cm x 94 cm, these round bags can accommodate a wide range of marketing tools. They support use with fabric pop-up straight and curved displays to ensure versatility.

Because they are easy to clean, our oxford nylon bags have low maintenance requirements. Their black fabric does not get dirty easily for added convenience. They dry quickly after washing to save you time.

Oxford Nylon Bags Offer Aesthetic Appeal

Oxford nylon bags have an elegant basket weave pattern that makes them aesthetically appealing. The nylon fabric comes with a glossy effect that shines in the sunlight, making these bags an attractive addition to your arsenal.

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