Shark Fin Flags

Shark Fin Flags


Promote Your Business With Advertising Flags

  • We use sturdy fabric to produce long-lasting flags.
  • Change the design, size, and hardware for a unique flag.
  • They are light and portable for easy travel and relocation.
  • A tall, slim design takes up minimal space on your property.

Advertising Flags Are Tough, Personalized, and Low-Maintenance

Business owners have very few options for advertising their store with limited space available. Fortunately, you can set up a shark fin promotional flag with a distinct shape to attract passersby. The flags have a narrow shape with plenty of room for imagery, logos, or other content, so you can convey any message you want.

We use synthetic flag fabric and carbon composite fiberglass to create our advertising flags. These flags are stable for the outdoors, so they can stay up without wearing out from constant rain and wind.

Taking care of the marketing flags is simple. Wipe the fabric down with a damp cloth using clean water and mild detergent to eliminate stains and dirt. You can also clean your flags using a washing machine with low settings and warm water.

We can customize the business flags to best suit your company. Choose either a custom design to upload or create one with our templates. Consider changing the size, opting for single- or double-sided printing, and choose between a spike or cross base. Flags without the base are also available.

Tall and Lightweight Promotional Flags

Featuring a tall, narrow design, our marketing flags come in a unique shape to stand out. They need a minimal amount of room on your property for proper display, so they are suitable for various settings.

Regardless of the base chosen, the business flags are easy to move and store. Both cross and spike bases make the flag portable for relocation. Use the flag anywhere and any time for a nice return on investment.

Advertising Flags Come With Discounts

Order multiple marketing flags to receive a bulk quantity discount. Put more flags in the order, and the price per flag goes down. This discount saves money, no matter how many flags you need for business.

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