Shipping Boxes - Brown (Printed)

Shipping Boxes - Brown (Printed)


100% Recyclable Corrugated Shipping Boxes for an Utmost Protection of Your Products

  • Features double wall B+C flute corrugated fiberboard for durability.
  • Made of high-quality natural brown Kraft paper for an immaculate finish.
  • Resistant to crush and have excellent stacking strength with ECT 48#.
  • 100% recyclable and reusable boxes.
  • Choose from multiple sizes.

Crush Resistant Double Walled Corrugated Shipping Boxes

Any business that ships products to customers needs a packaging box. But what if the product is damaged by a crash, or some other hazard? We have the ideal solution for you. Your goods will be safe and secure with our corrugated shipping boxes. Their sturdy and reliable construction will ensure that your goods arrive in perfect condition to your customers.

Excellent for durability, our corrugated shipping boxes are composed of double-wall B + C flute corrugated fiberboard. The double-walled structure of the box adds an additional layer of fluting, allowing it to handle bigger and bulkier goods.

Our corrugated shipping boxes offer excellent crushing and stacking strength and are reinforced with high-grade material for piling additional boxes on top of them. This high-grade natural brown Kraft paper with ECT 48# provides reliability when transporting. This high-quality Kraft paper, which is known for its excellent durability and longevity, preserves the goods housed in it far better than any other material. Our custom corrugated shipping boxes are tough and won't get damaged during international shipping.

Our highly versatile corrugated wine shipping boxes come with long-lasting qualities that make them ideal for fragile items. Our boxes can be used for divisions, dividers, cushioning support, and moving huge appliances and equipment, among other things. Ideal for transporting medium to heavy appliances.

100% Recyclable Shipping Boxes Available

As our corrugated boxes are 100% recyclable, they are one of the most sustainable packaging alternatives available. These boxes will protect your goods from getting damaged or degraded during transport, especially over long distances.

Our corrugated shipping boxes use a screen printing technique for better graphics. This printing technique delivers better finish than digital printing, so you can rest assured that your shipping box looks sleek and professional.

Personalize Your Colored Tuck Top Corrugated Shipping Boxes

Add a personal touch to your box to break the monotony. You can personalize your brand name, logo, text, and other elements to suit your needs. Place your order right away!