Silverstep 60'' Retractable Banner Stand

Silverstep 60'' Retractable Banner Stand


Silverstep Retractable Banner Stands to Boost Customer Traffic

  • A lightweight build allows swift installation of the banner stands.
  • The retractable design and carry bag simplify portability.
  • The stylish design enhances aesthetics.
  • Tough materials offer durability.
  • A 6-month warranty on stands and a 1-year warranty on banners are available.

Portable Silverstep Retractable Banner Stands

A key challenge faced by most local enterprises is increasing customer traffic with a tight marketing budget. Since many companies offer similar products and services, it is crucial to ensure your booth stands out from your competitors during marketing events, such as trade shows. Our Silverstep retractable banner stands come in a unique design that makes them hard to miss. Place them at strategic locations to maximize visibility.

The stands have sturdy builds that resist wear from daily use. Their durable construction ensures they last long to save you the cost of periodic replacement. Our retractable banner stands feature a 6-month warranty on stands and 1-year warranties on banners.

The promotional banner stands come in lightweight layouts for easy portability. With a telescopic pole and retractable base with end caps, they take up little storage space. Use the included Silverstep travel bag to ensure easy transportation to the next exhibition or trade show.

Our retractable banner stands are easy to handle during setup. Their simple build and telescopic pole design ease the installation. Attach banners using clamp bars or Velcro.

Customizable Advertising Banner Stands Enhance Aesthetic Appeal

With a clean edge-to-edge display, our advertising banner stands help spruce up your booth at marketing events. Include a full-color banner in your order to capture attention.

These banner stands are available in a range of sizes for increased versatility. Adjust their height from 37 inches to 67 inches by cutting the bungee cords. This allows deployment in different locations.

Save on Ad Spend by Placing Bulk Orders for Business Banner Stands

Large quantity orders for the business banner stands attract a bulk quantity discount that helps your company save on advertisement costs. This discount covers all orders of two or more banner stands to suit individual buyers and companies.

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