Skeleton Inflatable Tube Man


Discover the Thrill of Our Durable Outdoor Skeleton Décor

Elevate your Halloween celebrations with our Animated Skeleton Inflatable Tube Man. This standout piece, made of high-strength polyamide silk with tarpaulin reinforcement, is built to last through various weather conditions. Its 1000D PVC coated polyester Tarpaulin Material base ensures durability, making it a resilient choice for your Outdoor Halloween Skeleton Inflatable Decor.

Customize for Maximum Effect: Choose from Two Dynamic Sizes

Select from 6ft, 10ft, 14ft, 18ft and 20ft heights to suit your space perfectly, ensuring your Skeleton Inflatable Tube Man is the centrepiece of your Halloween decorations. Combine with our specialized air blowers, available in 9", 12", and 18" sizes, to bring this Weather-Resistant Skeleton Inflatable to life.

More than just decoration, our Inflatable Skeleton Man for Yard Decor uses advanced dye-sublimation printing for a vibrant and enduring appearance. Easy to install, its spooky movements will captivate and entertain your guests, making it an essential part of your Halloween Skeleton Wacky Waving Tube Man setup.

Convenient Maintenance

Maintaining the charm of your Skeleton Inflatable Tube Man is a breeze. You have the option to clean it with ease, either by using a front-loading washing machine with cold water and a gentle detergent or by hand-washing. To ensure its colors stay vibrant and the material remains durable, all you need to do is let it air dry naturally. When it comes to maintenance, it's as straightforward as using a washing machine with cold water or hand-washing it using mild soap, followed by air drying.