Skeleton Inflatable Tube Man

Skeleton Inflatable Tube Man


Create a Memorable Halloween With Skeleton Inflatables

  • We use high-quality polyamide-nylon for strength and performance.
  • We use dye-sublimation printing for bright and lasting colors.
  • Our tubes have an additional tarpaulin for optimal flexibility.
  • We give you a bulk discount when you order multiple units.

Stock Halloween Props With Skeleton Inflatables

When it's Halloween, and you have not put props at your location, it would be difficult for people to feel the event's mood. It would be best if you put props that can go with the theme. Skeleton tube men are an excellent addition to your prop collection. We have inflatable tubes that can be a significant addition to bringing the Halloween mood alive.

We use high-strength polyamide nylon for the inflatable tubes. The material is durable and long -lasting. It has high tensile strength, high dimensional stability, and excellent elasticity.

When you urgently need to order inflatable tube men, we accommodate with pre-printed tubes. It's convenient, easy, and saves you a considerable amount of time. You also have the option of adding graphics as your preference. The inflatable tubes have a bottom material that has 600D PVC nylon.

Our dye sublimation printing creates noticeable durable inflatable tubes with highly defined colors. Dye sublimation enables permanent colors that are fade free and don't crack.

Entertain People With Wacky Inflatable Men

We have tarpaulin to reinforce the performance of the inflatable tube men. The tarpaulin is waterproof, strong, and flexible, adding to the functionality of the tubes. The tube men are 10 ft. or 20 ft. tall when inflated and have a blower diameter of 12' in. or 18 in. You have the choice of adding a blower to have functional dancing inflatable men.

It's easy to wash the inflatable men. You can hand wash them, or use a front load washing machine. Clean with a mild detergent and hang to dry. These tube men are quick drying.

Get Bulk Discounts for Skeleton Inflatables

Order multiple dancing inflatable men to make a memorable event and get a bulk discount.

Shop skeleton inflatable tube men for your organization online at Best of Signs.