Skytube Square Hanging Banners

Skytube Square Hanging Banners


Fly High Above the Competition

  • Hanging hardware included
  • Full color polyester fabric with zipper
  • Includes soft carry bag

Looking to leave your mark on this tradeshow? Intend to make record breaking sales this time? Well for that you need to get your message across to your audience in the most dynamic way possible. It needs to be memorable and catchy but it also needs to be displayed in the right way. What you use to display your message and where you place it is very important. That is why we bring you Sky Tube Square Hanging Banners, which are designed specifically to cater to your promotional needs.

Square Hanging Banners

Our square hanging banners make use of custom artwork in order to increase your exposure at an expo. The shape of the hanging sign is there to make your sign look unique and innovative from that of the competitors. This combined with the custom artwork serve to enhance your message. As a result it is guaranteed to leave an impression on your visitors to make them actual customers. Our signs are designed bearing in mind your benefit.

You can use our banners to advertise your company and to reinforce brand awareness for your business. The sheer size of the banner is hard to miss and it is made so to grab the attention of your customer. In an exhibition or a tradeshow these large banners are bound to attract a great amount of foot traffic towards your booth as a square hanging banner is hard to miss. The visual impact of these signs is considerable which automatically gives you an edge over your competitors. Another benefit of these signs is that they serve to constantly reinforce your location.

Are these hanging banners printed on both sides of the fabric?

  • The graphics are printed on one side of the fabric.
  • In order to fill the fabric with attractive colors, the banners are printed using a dye sublimation process.
  • Add fewer graphics and a shorter message to make your brand message really pop on our banners.

How much production is required prior to mounting these banner signs?

  • In order to set up these banners a minimum of two people are recommended.
  • The ceiling banners are equipped with a large lightweight frame, which is easy to put together if the instructions are followed properly.