Skytube Tapered Square Hanging Banners

Skytube Tapered Square Hanging Banners


Draw attention from anywhere in the venue.

  • Includes soft carry bag
  • Available in various sizes
  • Lightweight & durable aluminium frame

Our sky tube tapered square hanging banners include the following features:

  • Variety of sizes depending upon your needs.
  • Comes in a carry bag that protects the components.
  • Highly durable and lightweight aluminum frame making the banner stable.

Increase the Visibility of Your Booth in Trade Shows

Are you participating in a trade show or conference? Get your hands on sky tube tapered square hanging banners from Bestofsigns.com. These banners are great for tradeshows and can cover your entire booth in advertising graphics. When you hang these banners above your booth, you can rest assured that your brand can be seen by all the attendees across the venue.

When it comes to trade show booths, it is important to get maximum attention because of tough competition. But when you hang our sky tube tapered square hanging banners over your booth, you will be able to enhance your brand image while increasing your brand's exposure at the same time.

Variety of Shapes to Choose from for your Booth!

What makes our hanging banners so unique and impressive is that they are available in a variety of shapes. Whether you are setting up a square shaped booth or a hexagon shaped booth, you can buy a sky tube tapered square hanging banner from BestofSigns.com. We offer flexible hanging banner options so you do not have to limit your creativity.

Our hanging banners come with easy-to-install aluminum frame that is also very lightweight. You can easily carry the frame in our soft carry bag that also protects the hardware from any type of damage. The bag is made from soft nylon that keeps the components of the banner intact, allowing you to carry it anywhere without any hassle.

Telescopic Poles that Make Installation and Adjustment a Breeze!

Our hanging banners can be installed and set-up by anyone at all. These hanging banners come with telescopic aluminum poles that are easy to adjust. You can move the poles up and down to get the desired height for your booth. The poles are made using lightweight aluminum so you can install it in place with ease. By ordering our hanging banner, you can rest assure that your brand will look flawless and capture audiences' attention the right way.

Let Your Name be Seen from Great Distances

When you are setting up your booth in a tradeshow, you must try your best to get all the attention towards your brand. Because of hundreds of attendees, it becomes hard to capture everyone's attention. However, with the help of our sky tube hanging banners, you can make your brand standout in the crowd. These banners will not only beautify your booth, but will attract more people to your booth. They are great for increasing your brand's visibility and reach, ensuring high foot traffic.

All you need to do is create impressive graphics for the hanging banner and let it do its magic.