Snowman Inflatable Tube Man

Snowman Inflatable Tube Man


Snowman Air Dancers to Celebrate Winter

  • Tough polyamide silk lasts long despite severe winter weather.
  • The sturdy 600D PVC nylon secures the snowman in place.
  • Dye-sublimation printing technology produces vibrant colors.
  • The tube men are tall, so they're easily visible.

Tough Polyamide Snowman Air Dancers Bring a Festive Atmosphere

Building a snowman is one of the oldest western traditions that brings families together during the Christmas season. Our snowman air dancers help you keep up with this time-honored tradition while drawing attention to your business. After installing and inflating the tube men, you don’t have to worry about them melting or getting damaged by falling objects.

The inflatable tube men are made from long-lasting polyamide-nylon material and tarpaulin, resulting in tube men capable of withstanding severe winter weather. They save you money as you don’t have to replace the props every year due to weather damage.

The bottom material includes resilient 600D PVC nylon. This ensures that the wacky tube men remain supported and stay in place.  

Using dye-sublimation technology, the inflatable arm men display vivid and legible graphics. Their height and colors can attract attention from a distance.

Tall Inflatable Tube Men Are Easy to Personalize

The inflatable arm men extend up to 20 feet tall when inflated for easy visibility. Use them to attract the attention of shoppers in your business area.

Customizing the snowman lets you set a theme for winter celebrations. Add decorations that complement the color of your store or house. Choose a suitable size from the three options available.

Earn a Discount on Bulk Snowman Air Dancer Orders

All multiple orders attract a special discount, reducing the cost per item. Discounts increase in orders of up to 500 inflatable tube men. You can use the savings to shop for more Christmas accessories.

Shop snowman inflatable tube men to set the mood for winter online at Best of Signs. Enjoy free super saver shipping on all orders over $99.