Social Distancing No Gathering Outdoor Floor Mats

Social Distancing No Gathering Outdoor Floor Mats


This outdoor floor mat is a quick solution to prompt your customers, clients, and everyone to follow social distancing at your space.

  • Available in one different sizes
  • Made using polyester Non-woven Fabrics with nitrile rubber back
  • Relevant social distancing messaging & graphics
  • Very durable & optimum for outdoor use

Promote the idea of social distancing at your space with these Social Distancing Outdoor Floor Mats

Social distancing is the need of the hour and it is very important to ensure that it is followed by everyone in public places. This is the only way to cut down the spread of COVID-19. We have recently designed many COVID-19 signages that have relevant messaging and graphics to promote various prevention and awareness methods in the wake of this pandemic. These social-distancing-no-gathering outdoor floor mats are a part of our social distancing signages, specially designed to support and promote this idea. 

You can use these outdoor floor mats at your retail store, workplace, business space, event, or personal space. The mat is designed using a quality polyester non-woven fabric. The back material is a nitrile rubber, which makes it optimum for outdoor use. The Full Color, 1440DPI, Dye-sublimation Printing results in vibrant colors and crisp messaging. The graphics and messaging are kept simple yet impactful to help you make your point in a subtle yet smart way.

Prompting others to follow social distancing needs to be done in a sensitive way. And making use of social distancing signages is a befitting way to accomplish that. This floor mat will help you to spread the message without having to say it face-to-face. Hence, eliminating any chances of making your customers, clients, or shoppers offended.