Social Distancing No Gathering Outdoor Floor Mats

Social Distancing No Gathering Outdoor Floor Mats


Emphasize Safety Guidelines With Social Distancing Floor Mats

  • Our polyester non-woven fabric is durable and liquid-repellent.
  • We use full-color printing for vibrant, bright, and non-fading colors. 
  • Floor mats are non-slip, as they have anti-skid nitrile rubber at the back.
  • We give you a bulk discount when you make an order for multiple mats

Create a Safe Space With High-Quality Social Distancing Floor Mats

It is easy to transmit airborne diseases if people are not cautious. You can communicate to people entering your place of business by using floor mats as they are noticeable. We have floor mats you can use to help keep people safe in your facility. When you have floor mats with the message, people are conscious of safety measures. 

We print out floor mats using full-color, 1440-DPI, dye-sublimation printing. It enables vibrant, bright, and permanent colors as it uses heat transfer. The mats do not crack or fade, so the message is clear for a long while.

Our high-quality, high pile material comprises non-woven polyester with 1.5-mm material thickness. It's liquid repellent, stretchable, soft, and light.

The social distancing outdoor floor mats have a pre-printed message, which saves you production time, and they come in one size.

Create Awareness With Outdoor Floor Mats

Our floor mats have a nitrile rubber back, which makes prevents slipping. The rubber firmly grips with a size tolerance of +/-3% and a weight tolerance of +/-5%. These features make them ideal for busy entryways.

The floor mats are versatile, as you can place them indoors or outdoors to emphasize safety guidelines. The tough mats can handle outdoor weather conditions.

Get a Bulk Discount With Social Distancing Floor Mats

Order printed floor mats in multiples we give you a bulk discount. Orders of two or more reduces the per mat price.

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