Social Distancing Saves Lives Outdoor Floor Mats

Social Distancing Saves Lives Outdoor Floor Mats

  • Get the mats in 1440-DPI high-definition printing.
  • They're made of easy to use sturdy materials.
  • The quality non-woven polyester fabric provides long-lasting use.
  • Pre-printed floor mats make for an economical selection.

Social Distancing for Health Safety With Social Distancing Floor Mats

Engage Visitors on Health Safety Using Catchy Social Distancing Mats

An outbreak of the coronavirus may totally halt your business if proper safety steps are not in place. These social distancing mats engage customers and visitors with a sharp design and informative message.

Our social distancing floor mats come with bright graphics and high-definition printing quality of 1440 DPI. With full-color printing and highly legible lettering, we deliver a quality floor mat that quickly catches the attention of your visitors and customers.

The floor mats have a nitrile rubber back material that's sturdy yet easy to place anywhere. Use them as a single entrance door mat that passes information, or as mats to show where people should stand.

Our social distancing mats come from a durable pile material of non-woven polyester fabric. The mats are non tearing and long lasting.

Outdoor Floor Mats With Economical Selections

Make an economical selection with our social distancing mats that come printed. Save the cost of hiring a designer and time thinking about what to write. We have mats with readily available designs. Complete an order to get it at your doorstep.

Our polyester floor mats keep the distancing rule present in people's minds. With our boldly printed floor mat, the information is available. Place the mats in a preferable spot and enjoy stress-free social distancing awareness.

Bulk Discounts on Large Orders

Get up to a significant discount on a large quantity order. Purchase two or more of the same social distancing mats and the per mat price decreases.

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