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Social Distancing Signs

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Maintain Social Distancing Signs To Promote Health & Safety Practices

Keep Social Distancing Signs Come in Different Layouts

Retail and hospitality venues typically serve many clients on a regular basis, exposing their personnel to a wide spectrum of disease-causing germs. Use maintain social distancing signs to help prevent the transmission of contagious airborne diseases.

Our signs are available in a variety of designs, including decals, window clings, and rigid signage, to accommodate use in a variety of settings. We provide a diverse choice of graphic and base materials to meet your specific needs. These signs come with preprinted wordings and artwork that facilitates easy ordering.

Maintain Social Distancing Signs are Quickly Noticeable

Crafted from long-lasting materials like corflute, vinyl, or rustproof aluminum, these signs save replacement costs. Their corrosion-resistant materials allows use in moist outdoor environments. Our maintain social distancing signs are tear-resistant due to their high graphic weight and thickness ratings. Optional lamination helps improve scratch and weather resistance. We use fade-resistant ink in our digital printing method to create durable graphics.

With full-color images, these signs grab the attention of passersby, ensuring that staff and visitors adhere to safety procedures. Their eye-catching graphics and bold fonts make them hard to miss. We print signage in high resolutions for easy readability from varying distances. Some have reflective surfaces to improve visibility at night.

Easy-to-Install Social Distancing Signs

Our signs are lightweight, easy to handle, and install because they feature lightweight materials. For ease of installation, our metal signage comes with pre-drilled mounting holes. Most rigid signs have rounded corners to prevent injuries during installation. Other signs come in the form of peel-and-stick decals with self-adhesive backings and Kraft paper linings for easy installation. Their powerful adhesive adheres to a wide range of materials, including rough and sand cast surfaces. To facilitate a speedy setup, we offer optional accessories, such as application squeegees. If you buy two or more please social distance signs, you'll get a discount.

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