Sorry We're Closed Outdoor Floor Mats

Sorry We're Closed Outdoor Floor Mats


Show Customer Care by Placing Outdoor Floor Mats

  • The outdoor floor mats firmly grip the floor.
  • We use full-color sublimation printing vibrant graphics.
  • Floor mats made of durable non-woven polyester.
  • Pre-printed messaging for the floor mats to save your time.
  • Place multiple mat orders for a bulk discount.

Be Courteous to Customers With 'Sorry We're Closed' Outdoor Floor Mats

When you close your business for the day for whatever reason and don't inform your customers, it may seem inappropriate. You need to be courteous to your customers and communicate with them. Floor mats are a great way to do that, as they are easily noticeable because of their placement at the entrance. The floor mats communicate with your customers and allow for a hygiene space for customers. Your customers can wipe their shoes to remove dust, dirt, and debris before they walk inside.

We use full-color, 1440-DPI, dye-sublimation printing. The heat transfer makes the colors absorb fully into the mats. The colors are bright, vibrant, and permanent without fading.

Our high-quality polyester non-woven fabric is a high pile with a material thickness of 1.5-2mm. It is durable, soft, absorbent, light, stretchable, and liquid repellent, making it ideal for the floor mat, and it's easy to clean.

When you urgently need floor mats, we have mats with pre-printed messaging. They're convenient and save you production time.

Announce Closed Stores With Printed Floor Mats

Our mats are non-slip. They have nitrile rubber with a size tolerance of +/-3% and a weight tolerance of +/-5%. It can withstand pressure from being stepped on, and it also grips the floor.

The outdoor mats are versatile. You can use them indoors or outdoors.

Get a Bulk Discount for Outdoor Floor Mats

Order multiple floor mats and you enjoy a bulk discount. Two or mats make you eligible.

Shop 'Sorry We're Closed' outdoor floor mats for your organization online at Best of Signs.