Spike Base

Spike Base


Display Advertising Flags With Flag Spike Bases

  • We incorporate tough steel to produce long-lasting flag ground spikes.
  • Use them with several compatible flags for display.
  • Change the design, size, and hardware for a unique flag for your store.
  • The compact design takes up minimal space on your property.

Metal Flag Spike Bases Are Versatile

If you'd like to display advertising flags for openings, sales, or job vacancies, you need to display them clearly. Fortunately, you can order flag spike bases that can keep flags stable and upright. These bases help promote what's going on in your business so you can maintain consumer interest.

We use #45 carbon structural steel as the base material of our flag ground spikes. This material is very resilient, so your flag fabric stays firmly attached and upright for as long as you display it outside your store.

Ground spike bases are easy to install. Attach your flag fabric and plant the spike into soft dirt. The spike is 20 inches long, so you have a stable base for your advertising flags every time.

Different flag types are compatible with these spike bases for flag banners. This includes feather, blade, pinpoint, teardrop, and swooper flags. Remove an existing fabric to install another one conveniently. 

Compact and Portable Flag Ground Spikes

Each spike base for flag banners is compact and slender. These bases take up minimal room on your yard or property. Their minimal design also allows your flags to be more noticeable, allowing for an easy focal point for advertising.

Remove your ground spike bases with ease so you can move and store them when needed. Pull the base up from the ground and you can either move it or use it again another time. 

Flag Spike Bases Allow Ease of Use

For your ground spike bases to remain clean-looking, wash them to remove dirt from spiked areas. This ensures you'll plant your flags securely every time you have one on display.

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