Stay at Home Stay Healthy Vinyl Posters

Stay at Home Stay Healthy Vinyl Posters


Incorporate ""Stay at Home, Stay Healthy"" Posters in Your Facility

  • Quality printing results in clear graphics for professional-looking posters.
  • Use the optional squeegee tool to apply vinyl posters easily.
  • Our ready-to-use printed posters save your time and work.
  • Bulk discounts assist you in sticking to your budget.
  • The product will be in multiple pieces if width and height both are more than 58.5 inches

Stay at Home Signs Promote Healthy Habits

Stores, restaurants, and workplaces must communicate safety precautions to clients to maintain a safe environment. Our health safety posters serve as obvious reminders to visitors to stay at home. The banner will allow you to deal with illnesses proactively, contributing to your facility's safety.

Our window posters feature hard-wearing, 100-micron thick monomeric calendered vinyl that is resistant to wear and tear. The material is also waterproof for convenient use outside. As a one-time purchase, you can expect the sturdy signs to deliver a significant return on investment.

Visitors can clearly view the message on the advertising posters even from a distance when printed at 720 DPI. Full-color printing with a wide spectrum of colors produces vibrant finishes that capture the attention of passersby, allowing the information to encourage people to stay at home.

Customize the full-color posters to match the dimensions of your establishments precisely. Choose from several sizes or have us make one to your specifications. We provide the option of adding lamination and UV printing to extend the life of the posters. Pick between flash cut and die cut alternatives depending on where you want to put the 'Stay at Home' signs. An optional squeegee tool simplifies the application of posters.

'Stay Healthy' Window Posters are Available in a Variety of Sizes

The awareness posters are ready to use, so you can install them as they arrive. This helps to prevent the spread of infectious diseases while also assuring the safety of your customers.

To guarantee that you receive your advertising posters on time, we provide a range of shipping alternatives, including doorstep delivery. Based on your budget and the urgency with which you require delivery, choose any of the options.

When You Get Stay at Home Signs in Bulk, You Save Money

You get a discount if you buy in bulk amounts ranging from 2 to 500 vinyl posters. This allows you to order 'stay healthy' posters in the preferable quantity while staying within your budget.

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