Staying At Home Floor Mats

Staying At Home Floor Mats

  • Coral Fleece pile material
  • Non-woven fabric with grippers
  • Protects your floor from dust, sand, water, and moisture
  • Full-color, 1440DPI, dye sublimation printing
  • Prevents slips and falls

Stay at Home Floor Mat- High-quality, Durable, and Ready-to-Ship

Dressing up and going out is fun. But there’s nothing like staying at home. Our ‘staying at home’ message-mat celebrates this feeling just right. This pre-printed floor mat is the perfect thing to shop for everyone who feels that nothing is sweeter and safer than home. In our busy day-to-day schedule, we need something that reminds us of taking a break, staying home and doing nothing. Our ready-to-ship “There is nothing like staying at Home for Real Comfort” floor mat does that aesthetically.

Here at BestofSigns, we take great pride in being one of the leading online brands for indoor and outdoor floor mats, personalized doormats, coral fleece mats, and more. We design our mats in full-color, 1440DPI by using a dye-sublimation printing technique. Our “stay at home floor mats” are light in weight, durable, washable, and portable. The printing technique involves dye-sublimation printing by applying high-quality ink on to the mat material. This makes the graphics and colors of our mats fade-resistant too. Along with emphasizing your love for your home, this mat also serves as a practical accessory that keeps your space neat and clean.

You can place these versatile floor mats outside or inside your front door to help your guests wipe or scrub dust and grime off their shoes before entering your space. This will keep dust, moisture, sand, and mud from slipping onto your floor carpet. Make your guests well aware of your love for your home with this BestofSigns quality mat.

The non-woven fabrics with grippers on the backside of our floor mats provide additional thickness and strength. The outdoor floor mats are made to tackle UV rays, water, and other external elements to some extent. With 10mm of material thickness and rubber backing, they will stay in place firmly to prevent slips and falls. There are many benefits of installing our doormats. Check complete product specifications to understand the features in detail.

If you are interested in personalized floor mats, please shop from our range of custom floor mats.